Enago-KargerLEARN Platform available via subscription

Drafting and publishing a manuscript can be a complicated process, but the Enago-KargerLEARN Platform can simplify the process. We offer a structured program with 15+ courses that cover various aspects of academic publishing. Top publication experts with more than 20 years of experience have developed all our courses.

Benefits for Authors:

  • The 600 USD courses are free with the institutional coupons.
  • Access to Step by Step approach for understanding Academic Publishing.
  • Improved understanding of International Standards in Publishing.
  • Access to Publishing experts and Q&A.
  • Attempt Quizzes and Track Progress.
  • Flexible Self time assessed courses.
  • Certification upon course completion.

Coupons can be requested at e-help@ek.szte.hu email address.

Date: February 9, 2021