Media Center

What is it exactly?

The establishment of the Media Center was based on the recognition that in education, learning and research, the information acquired by conventional library documents can be improved and refined with the help of audiovisual documents of the respective topic. In certain cases (e. g. a documentary film representing a respective period) it can give extra information which would be impossible to acquire from other sources.

The citizens of the University of Szeged can choose mainly between documentary films (historic, literary, report and portrait films, documentary essays, scientific dissemination films, etc.) but other types of films can also be found here (classical films and literary adaptations).

Where can I find it?

The films of the Media Center can be required and watched in the Music Collection which is located on the ground floor of the Library with an entrance at the Street Batthyány end of the Atrium.

It can be visited between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. on weekdays but it is closed on Saturdays.

How can I use it?

The material of the Collection can be browsed and identified by author, title and key words through the catalog of the library.

The chosen film should be required from the librarian of the Music Collection referring to its ’topographical number’ in the Library; the librarian then browses it and sets the DVD to the proper place.

The films are only for local use, there are no possibilities to borrow or copy them.