The University  of Szeged Klebelsberg Library, with its collections, traditional library services, electronic information and content providing services and with its professional and committed staff is a central supporting institution of university instruction and research. As a public library, the Klebelsberg Library considers not only the citizens of the university but also the citizens of the Southern Great Plain region as its library users. Beside its function as a national special library it conventionally plays a significant role in the area of innovation as well as in the Hungarian Librarianship’s remarkable professional organizations and projects.

The tools with the help of which the Klebelsberg Library supports the extensive instructional, research and study activities of the university are the following:
• collections, being developed dynamically, of traditional and non-traditional documents, information resources,
• providing quick and effective access to the external information sources,
• traditional library and modern electronic services that are required by students, instructors and researchers to achieve their goals at the university and in their profession.

By continuous developments and applying new methods, the Klebelsberg Library makes every effort to establish and maintain such an organization, environment and infrastructure that provides a proper background for library information services and activities.


Our goal is to remain the university library that unites its traditional and new tasks, its services suit the users’ needs, complies with university, regional and national tasks as a content administrator and which ensures an inspirational environment to its staff.