Computer use

The computers in the west wing of the building (on two floors) are available for registered members of the Library:

Computer lab (1st floor): After signing in with your username and password, the use of MS Office programs (word processing, spreadsheets, etc.), Internet access and printing of materials are available on the computers.

The computer lab on the 1st floor is partially or completely closed when exams are being held there during exam periods. Ask our colleagues for more information about the time and date of upcoming exams.

Individual and group study area (3rd floor): The purpose of this area’s arrangement is to serve as a convenient place for small study groups or friends who want to work together on a joint project. Traditional (printed books, periodicals) and modern tools (computers, online sources) can be used here at the same time.

Computers under the galleries of the reading rooms: The same rules apply to these computers as to the ones in the computer lab and in the group study area.