Online registration for SZTE students through MODULO

The first step of the registration process is to fill in, accept the conditions and submit the USZ Library membership declaration in the MODULO system (Submission/Klebelsberg Library/USZ Library membership declaration).

Guide for submitting the Membership Declaration


The declaration should only be submitted once, because from the following semester the renewal will be automatic until the end of the university studies. After the membership declaration is submitted correctly, the last step of the process is a personal data verification at the Loaning section’s desk, and it is only available half an hour after the declaration has been completed.
It is not possible to enter and borrow items without verifying your personal details. New members will then receive their library card.

For accessing e-resources: the username will be the student card number, failing that, the Neptun code. Your default password is your date of birth in a given form: DD-MMM-YY, example: 08-OCT-83 (three-letter month abbreviation in capital letters).

How to set up the proxy service in order to use e-resources.