Extended opening hours for exam period

Our library is open longer during the exam period: on weekdays until midnight and on Sundays. Please note that between 22h to 24h and on Sundays, we can only offer on-site usage of our reading rooms and electronic resources. The borrowing and returning of books or any other service requiring administration (e.g. registration, collection of stock requests) are only possible during the normal hours.


Trial access to Scite

From May 6th, the researchers and students of University of Szeged have a 4-week trial access to Scite, an artificial intelligence-based research support tool.


New Clinical Capsules on MedOne Education

Clinical Capsules is a new comprehensive series of clinical learning modules that cover individual diseases and disorders organized within 14 volumes, spanning across organ systems and specialties.


Complete Anatomy – trial access

We would like to inform our users that Complete Anatomy is available on a trial until 8 June 2024. Complete Anatomy is not just an atlas, but an anatomy learning platform, providing unique collaboration and learning tools for students and educators alike.