We’ve working together with eduroam as part of an international cooperation to be able to provide access to wireless internet. So, if you are a University of Szeged student or staff member, not only will you have access to eduroam in all the buildings where this network is available, but also, when you travel to other universities, who are also part of the eduroam community, you’ll be able to connect with your Szeged identification. And, of course, it works the other way around, too.

Patrons are expected to use their own netbook or other device. The Library will not be able to provide a device for WiFi access.

If the device of the user is properly equipped for WiFi access and the user is a citizen of the USZ who is a registered patron of the Klebelsberg Library, s/he can immediately has access to WiFi Internet through eduroam.

If someone is a USZ citizen, but has not registered to the Klebelsberg Library, s/he has to visit the Loan Section and enroll,  then after a max. 2 hours period (after a regular reload of the database) s/he will be able to use WiFi.

If someone, as a USZ citizen, is already a patron of the Library, his/her access to eduroam is automatic:

  • the user ID can be derived from the barcode number of the university ID card or the visitor’s card in the way that
  • you put @bibl.u-szeged.hu at the end of the numbers as if it were an e-mail address. Example: 132435465@bibl.u-szeged.hu
  • the password that belongs to it is derived from your date of birth in which the order of data (separated with hyphens) and form is the following:
    • day (two characters)
    • month (first three characters of the month, in English, in capital letters)
    • last two characters of the year

Example: if someone was born on October 1, 1970 then his/her password is 01-OCT-70.

Citizens of other universities of the network can activate wireless internet with the user ID and password provided by their host institution.

If someone, as a USZ citizen,  is a registered user of the Klebelsberg Library and cannot use the WiFi service through eduroam s/he should consider the following possible reasons:

  • Patrons who have just registered to the Library or have just renewed their membership will have access to WiFi only from the beginning of the following even-numbered hour.
  • The patron’s birth date was recorded incorrectly during registration. It is advised to check this information in the Loan Section.
  • The patron has an overdue book or a fine exceeding 1.000 HUF or there is another block on his/her record. In these cases WiFi access is automatically withdrawn and can be activated only one the day after settling the problem.
  • A student card features two numbers, make sure to use the one in the upper right corner.
  • You have the right to change your password and then your birthday will obviously not work. Please visit the circulation desk where they can reset your default password.
  • If you have further troubles come to the information desk on the ground floor and we will help you.

Video guides for the library Wifi-Connections

PDF guides on how to set up WiFi on different platforms: