Collection of Old Books and Manuscripts

What is it exactly?

The Collection of Old Books and Manuscripts comprises printed papers related to Hungary published from the beginning of typography until 1850 and books published until 1700 but not categorized as ’hungaricum’. The collection also contains manuscripts owned by the library.

The aim of the collection is to support the education and research work in the university, to ensure an environment for independent scientific library workshops reaching European standards, to be connected to national and international programs dealing with old documents and finally, to preserve valuable documents corresponding to book preservation aspects.

Where can I find it?

The Collection of Old Books and Manuscripts is located in the left wing of the building, on the 3rd floor, opposite to the computer labs. The collection can be used by all registered members of the Library of the University of Szeged. It can be visited between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. on weekdays but it is closed on Saturdays.

Who can help me?

Katalin Kelemenné Farkas
Room: 3.036
Tel.: +36 62 546-629
E-mail address:
Zsófia Schelhammer
Room: 3.036
Tel.: +36 62 546-629
E-mail address:

 How can I use it?

The bibliographic data of the already elaborated works can be browsed through the catalog of the library.
The items of the collection are excessively protected, therefore these documents are only for local use.