Library Rules and Policies

Basic rules

  1. The University  of Szeged Klebelsberg Library is a public, government supported university library that fulfills regional and special library tasks as well.  It can be visited by all those people who comply with the library rules and regulations.
  2. Without registration the following basic services are available:
    • visiting the Library,
    • local use of documents available from the shelves of the reading rooms,
    • the use of the catalogs and the Reference Library,
    • information about library services in Hungary and in other countries,
    • self-service photocopying.
  3. All other services of the Library can be accessed only by registered readers.

Conditions of registration

  1. Every person who is more than 14 years old can become a member of the Library. People are requested to register in person in the Loan Section by signing the Statement of Entry.
  2. Documents required for registration:
    • Citizens of the University: personal identity card (or Residence Permit or passport) and student ID validated for the current academic term (in the lack of the latter School Attendance Certificate and 1 ID photo) or staff ID card (in the lack of this USZ Certificate of Employment and 1 ID photo).
    • All other people: personal identity card (or Residence Permit or passport) and 1 ID photo.
  3. Every user is expected to renew his/her membership in every new academic year. It can be done in the Loan Section. (For USZ students registered through the MODULO membership renewal is automatic.)
  4. Registration and service fees for each user category and the prices of other fee services are included in the description of the respective service.

Rights and obligations of registered users

  1. The student ID validated by the Library and the visitor’s card issued by the Library as reader’s cards entitle patrons to use the holdings and services of the Library on site and through the home page of the Library. Conditions that apply to borrowing are included in the Circulation Policy. Availability of special collections and special sections of the stock is regulated by the guides describing the respective collection.
  2. The library visitor card and the ID (login password, proxy) that is used to access the library’s online services cannot be transferred to another person.
  3. Data of users are filed in a computer database and are used exclusively for library purposes.
  4. Patrons are expected to report every change in their personal data (name, address, ID number) in the Loan Section.
  5. Loans are administered on computer, with the non-transferable, barcode-equipped card. Patrons are responsible for all the documents borrowed with the card and for paying all the fees for fee services.
  6. Loss of student ID or visitor’s card, in order to avoid misusing, should immediately be reported in the Loan Section.
  7. Coats, umbrellas, bags, bagpacks should be left in the Cloak room or in the self-service lockers. The Library will not take responsibility for objects, valuables left in the coats, bags.
  8. Original bags of notebooks, netbooks should also be left in the Cloak room or in the self-service lockers. Patrons are advised to use transparent plastic bags.
  9. When entering patrons are required to present their student ID or visitor’s card at the control point.
  10. The order of the building and the Klebelsberg Library is supervised by the Security Service that also has the right to act in justified cases.  When patrons leave and the security gate alerts (attempt to take out documents or devices illegally) the Library may cancel the patron’s rights for certain services or, depending on the seriousness of the case, for using the Library for a minimum of 1 months long period.
  11. All users are obliged to preserve the intactness of documents, devices, equipment and other objects held in the Library. Patrons are financially responsible for harms resulting from carelessness or intentional damaging.
  12. Making notes in the documents or truncating them, highlighting or underlining texts are forbidden.
  13. Food and drink (with the exception of mineral water) is not allowed in the reading rooms, computer labs, individual and group study area and in the special collections.
  14. Behavior based on respecting each other’s work is required throughout the entire Library. Patrons shall comply with the community’s codes of conduct. Order and silence must not be disturbed in the reading areas. The group study area (left wing, 3rd floor) is available for collective work, the café (ground floor) is a proper place for having meals, and the atrium is a nice venue for chatting.
  15. The computers of the Library can be used only for authorized services.
  16. Principles and rules relating to information security, the expected codes of conduct and practices to be met are determined by the Rules and Regulations on the Safe Use of Computing Facilities of the University of Szeged. In addition, browsing contents that are illegal, upsetting or violating community standards is prohibited throughout the entire Library, either on the patron’s own or on the library’s devices.
  17. Permit to use devices (like cameras) capable for reproducing documents should be requested from the Library. Photo tickets are available for purchase.
  18. The Library may cancel, temporarily or permanently, partially or fully, patrons’ eligibility for services if library rules and regulation are broken.
  19. Comments, notes and complaints of patrons may be addressed to the head of the proper library department, to the leadership or Director General of the Library.

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