Ebook Platform

OMP The ebook platform of the Klebelsberg Library (University of Szeged) is based on the worldwide Open Monography Press (OMP) open source system and provides a standard and open access publishing platform for university monographs and book series.

The system, which covers all steps of editing and publishing academic books, can be adapted to the needs, workflow and desired publication format of any editorial office.

OMP’s metadata capabilities make it an excellent platform for presenting the academic work of departments, making it accessible and transparent according to the standards expected in the academic world.

For technical assistance and further information, please contact

SZTE BTK Történész Diákkör

The Szegedi Tudományegyetem Történész Diákkör [Historical Student Circle of the University of Szeged] has created the Documenta Historica series as a publication for students interested in research, offering publication opportunities for students of the Institute of History.


SZTE BTK Középkori és Kora Újkori Magyar Történeti Tanszék

Publications of the Szegedi Tudományegyetem Középkori és Kora Újkori Magyar Történeti Tanszék [Department of Medieval and Early Modern History of the University of Szeged], published in the Fontes et Libri series.


SZTE BTK Régészeti Tanszék

The conditions were right for the relaunch of an independent series in 2009 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Department. The new book series was entitled Monographs from the Archaeological Department of University of Szeged.