SciFinder Discovery Platform

With ChemZent, CAS Analytical Methods, CAS Formulas databases our Scifinder-n subscription was updated to the SciFinder Discovery Platform.

The scientific information solutions of the CAS SciFinder Discovery Platform make research faster and more effective. It helps you to investigate innovation opportunities, explore molecules, sequences, and materials, and design effective bench strategies and work plans; moreover, you can test and validate your innovation. The functions are simple and easy to understand. In the following, we introduce them.

The CAS SciFinder-n is the most advanced scientific research tool, which allows you to perform more effective research in a shorter time. It is your true source for authoritatively identifying a chemical substance or name, regulatory information, and properties. Using it, you can assess the IP landscape, make synthesis and research plans, visualize the search results, and find available chemicals.

The CAS Formulus is available either as a part of the CAS SciFinder Discovery Platform or as a stand-alone solution. With curated information from patents and journals spanning various industries, this integrated database helps formulation scientists evaluate ingredients, find suppliers, and explore regulatory requirements. Regulatory Information and the other following functions can be truly useful. Formulation Designer provides a template based on chosen parameters, Advanced Research offers easy-to-read details of the formulations, Layer and Effectiveness shows a detailed view of the formulation, and CAS Formulus brings together the aggregated supplier information.

Using the CAS Analytical Methods, you can browse and compare the newest scientific methods, and address annoying challenges such as the time pressure, lack of process or method details in literature. You can even find methods that are buried in the primary literature. The provided step-by-step instructions can be taken right to the lab! Focus areas include pharmacology, HLPC, food analysis, natural product isolation analysis, and water analysis.

The ChemZent is an innovation from 2016, which makes historical insights accessible to anyone researching chemistry. It was developed due to the collaboration of the CAS and the Ionic, and provides 3 million abstracts of valuable, historical scientific information in English. ChemZent is available as part of SciFinder-n.

The new databases can be accessed with the existing SciFinder account. For new users, individual registration is necessary from academic IP addresses with an USZ-email address. You can register at this link.

In January 2023, the American Chemical Society held an online training on the use of the database. During the training, which lasted approximately 90 minutes in English, participants were introduced to the content and functionality of the SciFinder Discovery Platform. The online training can be viewed here.

If you have any problems, please send a message to e-help.

Update: January 12, 2023