CarrelsThere are several carrels available in the Klebelsberg Library for those members of the University whose research require, for a specified period, a permanent access to the books and infrastructure of the Library, and/or other factors make it justified.

Requesting a carrel

  • Carrels can be requested from the Director General of the Library via e-mail.
  • Data required in the message: name, reason, length of period.
  • Renewal can be requested from the Director General via e-mail.
  • Renewal is granted if there are no other applicants.

Using the carrel

  • The carrels can be used during the actual opening hours of the Library.
  • The reader is not permitted to take coats or bags in the Library and is asked to leave them in the cloakroom.
  • Even readers using the carrels have to enter through the main entrance of the József Attila Study and Information Centre, they are not allowed to use the staff entrance.
  • The key for the carrels can be collected on each occasion at the Enquiry Desk on the ground floor after the reader have signed his/her name.
  • Before leaving the Library, the key also has to be handed over at the Enquiry Desk (after 8 pm at the Loan Section), even if the reader intends to return the same day. In this case, he/she should let our colleagues know about it.
  • The carrels are not equipped with computers. However, the reader can use his/her own notebook.
  • Only books previously borrowed could be stored in the carrels for a longer period. Books, journals located in the reading areas, whether borrowable or only for local use, can be taken in the carrels only for a short period. In this case, we ask the reader using the carrel to inform the librarian on duty at the reading area about it and fill in a form specifying the items he/she is planning to take in the carrel.