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The Open Journal System (OJS) of the University of Szeged Klebelsberg Library is a worldwide known open source editorial system where the University Actas are published in Open Access.

The system covers every step of journal editing and publishing, and fits every publisher’s needs and workflow.

The OJS increases the visibility of the articles in the system by supporting the metadata exchange with other databases.

If you need any technical help or further info, you can contact us via this e-mail: ojs@bibl.u-szeged.hu

Acta Biologica SzegediensisActa Biologica Szegediensis

Acta Biologica Szegediensis is a member of the Acta Universitatis Szegediensis family of scientific journals, it is published yearly by the University of Szeged. Acta Biologica Szegediensis covers the growth areas of modern biology and publishes original research articles and reviews, including, but not restricted to, the fields of anatomy, embryology and histology, anthropology, biochemistry, biophysics, biotechnology, botany and plant physiology, all areas of clinical sciences, conservation biology, ecology, genetics, microbiology, molecular biology, neurosciences, paleontology, pharmacology, physiology and pathophysiology, and zoology.


Acta CyberneticaActa Cybernetica

Acta Cybernetica covers a broad range of topics in the area of Computer Science. The major topics are the following: Theoretical Computer Science, Management Science and Operations Research, Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Software, Information Systems and Management. The editorial board solicits original, unpublished high quality scientific papers in any of the above mentioned fields.

Acta HispanicaActa Hispanica

Acta Hispanica is a scientific and indexed journal of the Department of Hispanic Studies published annually since 1996. It is an interdisciplinary collection of articles and studies on Hispanic culture, history and literature as well as on Spanish linguistics in Spanish, Catalan, Galician or Portuguese, and in some cases English.
Acta Hispanica es una revista científica e indexada del Departamento de Estudios Hispánicos que se publica anualmente desde 1996. Es de carácter interdisciplinario que recoge artículos y estudios sobre la cultura, historia y literatura hispana así como sobre lingüística española en lengua española, catalana, gallega o portuguesa, y en algunos casos inglesa.

Acta HistoriaeActa Historiae Litterarum Hungaricarum

Acta Historiae Litterarum Hungaricarum is the annuary of the Department of Hungarian Literature, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Szeged University. Its publishing has been uninterrupted since 1961 and has kept its basic mission: to publish the papers and treatises of teachers and researchers working at or being in professional connection with the Department and the Faculty of Humanities, on the history of literature, literary science and literary theory. In 2016 a new editorial board was founded, and from the 32nd issue a new stream started. The annuary became more open towards international phenomena (world literature, and special emphasis on Middle European literature) – as reflected in the multilingualism of the editorial board and also in the fact that they come from more than one country. Interdisciplinarity, intermediality and comparative approach has also intensified in the publication.

Acta HistoricaActa Historica (Szeged)

Acta Historica is a periodical journal published by the Institute of History of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Szeged. The journal publishes studies in Hungarian with summaries in foreign languages written by the Institute’s professors, students (PhD, MA), and researchers. From 1957 on, the Acta Historica, whose legal predecessors had been the Actas of the University of Kolozsvár (Cluj) and Szeged, published more than 140 volumes.

Acta SanaActa Sana

Acta Sana is a peer-reviewed open-access scientific journal of the University of Szeged, Faculty of Health Sciences and Social Studies. The journal carries original research articles, case report articles and review articles. Papers connected to the education, theory and practice of nursing, health visiting, health behavior, physiotherapy and social work are preferred.

AnalectaAnalecta Technica Szegedinensia

The Analecta Technica Szegedinensia (Anal. Tech. Szeged.), is an international journal dedicated to the latest advancements in engineering related sciences. The aim of the Journal is to offer scientists and engineering specialists all over the world an international forum to promote, share, and discuss various new issues and developments in different areas of engineeirng science.

Antikvitás & ReneszánszAntikvitás & Reneszánsz

Antikvitás & Reneszánsz (A&R) is the scientific journal of the MTA-SZTE Antiquity and Renaissance: Resources and Reception Research Group, founded in 2017. The first issue was published in spring 2018. Published twice a year, the aims of the periodical is to presents the antique and renaissance period of European civilization and studies of the relationship between these periods. Furthermore publish the results of research on classical philology, neolithic literature, art history, archeology, literature of neo-latin languages, cultural history, neolithic literature and centuries of Hungarian reception.


The Chronica is a periodical journal by published by the Institute of History of the Faculty of Arts at University of Szeged. The journal publishes studies, book reviews and scientific reports in foreign languages written by the Institute’s professors, students (PhD, MA) and researchers. The Chronica has been present for almost two decades in the international academic life.

HistGlob Working PaperHistGlob Working Paper

The HistGlob Working Paper, launched in 2020, is a periodical of the MTA-SZTE-ELTE History of Globalization Research Group. The first results of our work dealing with the historical exploration of the appearance of globalization and territorialization processes in Hungary, as well as the analysis of the Hungarian discourse on globalization, appear in this series.

Jelenkori társadalmi és gazdasági folyamatokJelenkori társadalmi és gazdasági folyamatok

Jelenkori társadalmi és gazdasági folyamatok [Current social and economic processes] (ISSN 1788-7593) is a social science journal of the Department of Economics and Rural Development, Faculty of Engineering, University of Szeged. The journal is a forum for researches on various aspects of the functioning of society and economy. Thus, the journal addresses a wide range of topics in order to provide an opportunity to present the results of societal and economic researches in a broader context.

Journal of Environmental GeographyJournal of Environmental Geography

The Journal aims to publish original academic research of high scholarly standard in the fields of Geography and Environmental Science with special emphasis on human-related processes in its broader sense. Submitted papers are refereed, and are evaluated on the basis of their scientific quality, originality and contribution to the advanced understanding of human-environmental interactions. A distinguished Editorial Board guarantees the scientific quality of papers published in the Journal.

Közép-Európai KözleményekKözép-Európai Közlemények

The Közép-Európai Közlemények is a journal of historians, regional science, geography, and business and organizational sciences. The first year was launched in 2008 and has been published four times a year since then. In the journal, after a double peer-review, they accept the first-rate studies in Central and Eastern Europe in Hungarian and English.

Közösségi KapcsolódásokKözösségi Kapcsolódások – tanulmányok kultúráról és oktatásról

In May 2020, in order to provide a framework for the multiple scientific activities at the Institute of Cultural Studies and to ensure the coherence of the quality and ethical standards of multidisciplinary research, the Institute’s staff created a research group. The journal launched by the research team, which is published twice a year, aims to meet these objectives by providing a forum for the contributions of both national and international researchers.

Köztes EurópaKöztes Európa

The Köztes-Európa. Társadalomtudományi Folyóirat is the successor to the Virtuális Intézet Közép-Európa Kutatására Közleményei, founded in 2009. Since 2014, the current title has been published four times a year on a multidisciplinary basis from the history of science to the topic of leadership. After a double peer-review the journal publishes new research results in Hungarian and English.



Különbség is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal of the Doctoral School of Philosophy, at the University of Szeged, Hungary. It aims at publishing high-quality papers on philosophy, ethics, aesthetics, history of philosophy and intellectual history related to ongoing researches at the Doctoral School. The publication of the review is supported by the Foundation Pro Philosophia Szegediensis.

Magyar PedagógiaMagyar Pedagógia

Magyar Pedagógia is the oldest Hungarian-language journal of education. Its basic task has remained unchanged since its foundation in 1892: to support the scientific cultivation of education and to publish articles presenting new scientific results.

Mediterrán Tanulmányok

Mediterrán Tanulmányok

The annual Mediterrán Tanulmányok [Journal of Mediterranean Studies] covers mainly the historical problems of the wider Mediterranean region (North Africa, the Ottoman Empire, the Balkans, the Middle East), and the region’s relations with other parts of the world, from the modern age to the present day (16- 21st century).


Módszertani KözleményekMódszertani Közlemények

The journal is published three times a year: in spring (Szociálpedagógia szám [Social Pedagogy issue]), in autumn (Óvodapedagógia szám [Kindergarten pedagogy issue]) and in winter (Tanító szám [Teacher issue]). The jornual publishes those scientific and methodological studies on the past and present of the theory and practice of pedagogy, social pedagogy, kindergarten pedagogy, special education, that had not been published yet. Furthermore, we also publish student’s paper, book reviews, and children’s book reviews.

Review on Agriculture and Rural Development

Review on Agriculture and Rural Development

The Review on Agriculture and Rural Development publishes original papers presenting new scientific results as well as reviews on each field of agriculture, agricultural economics, rural development and their related topics.

SucSapiens ubique civis

Sapiens ubique civis is an annual international peer-reviewed journal in English published by the Department of Classical and Neo-Latin Studies of University of Szeged with the main purpose of providing a publication platform for participants of annual PhD student and young scholar conference Sapiens ubique civis.


AltaicaStudia Uralo-altaica

Studia Uralo-altaica is a series of the Department of Altaic Studies of the University of Szeged and the Department of Finno-Ugric Studies. The first issue was published in 1973, and so far 51 volumes have been published. The volumes are typically monographic, but may also include selected and peer-reviewed papers of conferences.

Társadalmi Nemek Tudománya Interdiszciplináris eFolyóirat

Társadalmi Nemek Tudománya Interdiszciplináris eFolyóirat

In the Fall 2010 TNT, the Gender Studies Research Group at the Institute of English and American Studies, University of Szeged decided to create a peer-reviewed journal for regular interaction of scholars researching Hungarian women’s and feminists’ life and movements as well as their cultural, literary and media representations, inside and outside the boarders of the country. We are, first and foremost, a Hungarian journal; however, each edition will have the abstracts published in English. We are also planning to include the occasional section in English language.



The Taylor Gazdálkodás- és Szervezéstudományi Folyóirat is one legal successor of the Virtuális Intézet Közép-Európa Kutatására Közleményei founded in 2009. Since 2014 it has been published four times a year with the current title, specifically in the field of leadership science and economics. After a double peer-review the journal publishes new research articles in Hungarian and English.

WPCLWorking Papers in Corpus Linguistics and Digital Technologies: Analyses and Methodology

The series Working Papers in Corpus Linguistics and Digital Technologies: Analyses and Methodology (WPCL) is an online publication, designed to open up ongoing research to a broader audience for discussion. We welcome empirical and theoretical contributions as well as corpus descriptions. The manuscripts provide external referee process. WPCL issues appear irregular but at least once a year.