Summer opening hours

Please note our summer opening hours.


Trial access to Scite

Update: our trial access to Scite, an artificial intelligence-based research support tool, has been extended until 14 July 2024.


New Clinical Capsules on MedOne Education

Clinical Capsules is a new comprehensive series of clinical learning modules that cover individual diseases and disorders organized within 14 volumes, spanning across organ systems and specialties.


E-journals platforms 2024

The University of Szeged subscribes to tens of thousands of journal titles to ensure our researchers have the best possible access to the literature. With few exceptions, journals are available online as part of huge collections and databases.


E-book platforms 2024

Although we purchase e-books for the University of Szeged from several publishers and reseller aggregators, the backbone of our collection is the following large e-book databases and collections.


ProQuest One Academic

We would like to inform our users that the ProQuest One Academic database collection is now available by subscription, making four large databases, around six million documents, searchable together.