Music Collection

What is it exactly?

The main mission of the Music Collection is to provide sheet music, audio document, specialized literature for those who are interested in classical music – whether they are instructors, students of the Faculty of Music, Vántus István Secondary School of Music, Department of Music Education at Juhász Gyula Faculty of Education or just simply love music.

The holdings of the collection consists of sheet music, books, journals, video tapes, original LP records, music CDs and DVDs. The main part of the collection includes sheet music, it offers a stock with more than 15000 borrowable opuses.

Where can I find it?

The Music Collection is located in the right wing of the building, on the ground floor, at the back of the Atrium, next to the Oriental Collection. The collection can be used by all registered members of the Klebelsberg Library. Documents can be borrowed during the opening hours of the collection, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekdays.

Who can help me?

Zoltán Kiszely
Room: 0.001
Tel.: +36 62 546-651
E-mail address:

How can I use it?

Items of the Music Collection can be borrowed at the Loan Section. From June 2000 users can borrow the documents themselves by means of a workstation suitable for self-service. In both cases, users should return documents by the given due date at the Loan Section.