Online resources from home

Online resources are available through academic IP addresses. With the help of a proxy server the online resources of the Klebelsberg Library and the national services provided through the library can be accessed outside the library and the university  for those students, faculty members, researchers and other employees of the university who are registered users of the Klebelsberg Library.

In order to access the online resources from outside of the library and the university, certain browser settings should be changed. Please note: after these changes are made other public websites cannot be loaded in the browser, except for our library’s online resources.

For accessing the service you need a

  • user name (the number on your student’s or reader’s card)
  • password, which is derived from your birth date: the sequence of data (separated with a hyphen) and form are the following:
    • day (two characters)
    • month (month’s name in English, first three characters, block letters)
    • last two figures of the year

    (Example: if you were born on October 1, 1970 your password is 01- OCT-70).

If you previously changed this type of your password you should use the latest version.

We refresh our database of registered users in every 24 hours, therefore this service will not immediately be available for you after your registration or change of your card.

Please note that the trials are not available from home, not with the help of the proxy server either.

Questions, information on problems in connection with setting the proxy can be sent a message to e-help

Guide in English

From the currently available browsers only the Mozilla Firefox has its own options for controlling the proxy settings, all the other browsers (Chrome, Opera, Edge, etc.) will modify the general Internet settings of your computer, so all the other installed browsers will be affected.

We recommend to set up the proxy in Firefox to get access to the library’s e-resources and use a different browser along with it to be able to use other public websites.

With only one installed browser your only option is to turn the proxy settings off and on, depending on what type of site you want to use.





eduID is another option to access our e-resources from home. eduID is the user authentication and authorisation federation of the Hungarian educational and research institutions. The aim of eduID is to allow the use of services of its members and partners in a mutually agreed, trusted way. When a user attempts to access such a service, it is their home institution that authenticates them to do and authorisation is based on the user information originating from their home institution. The list of accessible services is available at the national eduID website. In those cases when eduID authentication is available there is no need for the help of a proxy server.

Universtity of Szeged eduID registration here.

These databases can be available with eduID: