Austrian Library

Österreich-Bibliothek  osztrák oldal

What is it exactly?

The Austrian Library which consisted of nearly 3000 documents of great value, donated by the Republic of Austria, offers now a stock of more than 8000 items in its documentary holdings. The main profile of the collection and nearly half of it is constituted by studies of literature and Austrian literature of the 19th-20th century. Labels and notation marks support the orientation in the Collection.

For researchers of particular topics, bibliographies, repositories, encyclopedias, specialized dictionaries, reference books, source works and adaptations are available. The holdings of books of the special collection is complemented by journals of the Austrian Library, video and cassette tapes, discs and CD-ROMs maintained by the department.

Where can I find it?

The collection is on the 3rd floor of the Klebelsberg Library, in the Hungarian and Foreign Languages and Literatures Reading Room. It is located separately, ordered by topic.

It is available for all members of the library: it welcomes students, researchers, instructors of institutions of higher education and also every reader who is interested in the collection. The material of the collection can be used during the whole opening hours of the library.

Who can help me?

Edit Bogdány
Room: 1.005
Tel.: +36 62 546-647
E-mail address:

How can I use it?

The catalog of the library contains the material of the Austrian Library, as well, enabling the browsing possibility by authors, titles and key words.

The „OK” acronym (which stands for Austrian Library in Hungarian) can be found in the beginning of every accession number in the notation marks of the items indicating that it belongs to the collection and also informs the reader about the location of the certain volume.