Electronic Examinant System for students

Electronic Examiner System (EES) Examiner

The aim of this System is to ease the lecturers’ work, simplify and speed up the assessment of the students’ knowledge. It can be of great help, especially when a lot of students are simultaneously taking an examination.

If taking an exam is allowed using a certain computer at a certain time, a login window appears at the beginning of the exam. After choosing the specific exam, the student has to give the data required for his/her identification.

These data can be configured in two ways: it can include the exam taker’s name and his Neptune code or it can also consist of an optional set of characters. If there are no allowed exams, this window does not appear. After a successful login, the student cannot log out, change or close windows until submitting the exam. The server generates and displays the exam test questions which are unique for every student and then the exam starts. There is a clock at the bottom of the page which shows how much time is left for the student to finish the exam. It becomes red in the last five minutes. The questions remain red until the student gives an answer within a predefined minimum and maximum value. A backup is made every two minutes which ensures the students to be able to continue their work with a new login when the computer resets, breaks down, etc.


After filling the test, the student has to click on the submit button. The system then warns the student of any incomplete answers. In this case, the student can go back to that question(s) and correct his/her answer(s).

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If the student answered all the questions, or if he/she does not want to work any further, he/she can submit the test and finish the exam. If the same student logs in again, the system does not allow him/her to fill a new test.

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Four main types of questions can be distinguished:

– Yes/No questions.

Yes-No question

– Completing the sentence with the missing words.

Completing the sentence with the missing words.

Multiple choice from a restricted list

Multiple choice from a restricted list

Multiple choice from a list.